Arcadiz is expanding its on-net locations in Amsterdam with three data centre clusters around Science Park, InterXion and Equinix. With this extension Arcadiz connects 14 data centres in Amsterdam via two redundant low-latency fibre paths with the majority of carrier-neutral data centres in Belgium. Other Amsterdam data centres can be connected near-net via a local fibre connection.

For the redundant path, a unique route via Liège, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Utrecht was chosen. Westwards, Arcadiz uses the common connection via Antwerp, Roosendaal, Rotterdam and Leiden. The technology used is future-oriented and allows for the transport of 400G customer connections. Seven other Dutch data centres are also connected to the fibre-optic paths.

As always, Arcadiz guarantees a tailor-made solution, in complete alignment with the needs and budget of its clients. This important extension of its optical backbone offers great added value to the Belgian, Luxembourg and Parisian clients to Amsterdam in both technical and commercial terms. In addition, almost all Amsterdam data centres are now accessible on-net or near-net from Belgium, with separate routing up to street level to guarantee optimum continuity and security.