The data centre market is in a state of flux. On the one hand, consolidation is taking place, resulting in a number of large players. On the other hand, there is more and more room in the market for smaller, more local providers. Flexibility and a personal approach, combined with a greatly improved professional offering and excellent accessibility to the cloud and other data centres, underpin the added value of these parties.

Hosting and cloud providers have also undergone major consolidation. Many processes have been automated and continuous innovation and strict security requirements demand so much specialist knowledge that small parties can no longer meet them. In addition, there is heavy competition from a few hyperscalers that have established themselves in Europe.

Arcadiz knows the data centre, cloud and hosting providers market through and through, and helps companies make the right, future-proof choices.

The datacenter location that suits your needs

Are you considering moving one or more data centres to the Cloud or other geographically separate locations? Then a good migration strategy is crucial. Arcadiz advises organisations in making the right choices in terms of connectivity, right from the start. Arcadiz is data centre neutral and can use its knowledge and experience to assess the impact of the various options on latency, performance, availability and costs

Quick Scan Dark Fiber Tracks

Are you looking for the best and most economical dark fiber connection for your specific situation? Based on the information we already have on the routes taken by the various suppliers, we can perform a free quick scan for you. This will give you a decisive answer as to whether or not a further paid investigation is worthwhile. More information...

Cloud Strategy

Many organisations struggle with the high costs, limited flexibility and high complexity of a multicloud environment. Arcadiz consultants support companies in designing the optimal and most scalable mix: a hybrid cloud environment formed by a combination of public, private and edge cloud.