The education sector has switched en masse to remote learning. This trend was already underway, but has accelerated since the corona crisis. In the near future, this will develop further into a hybrid form; a combination of physical and digital education.

The internationalisation of academic education is also continuing and digitisation offers plenty of new opportunities for research projects.

Working (together) from the Cloud as a platform is becoming increasingly important.

Flexible and efficient interconnection between metro data centres

As an elite partner of ADVA Optical Networking, Arcadiz specialises in building groundbreaking high-speed networks for universities, based on the ADVA CloudConnectâ„¢ solution. This allows universities to meet the demand for very high capacity, required for revolutionary research projects.

Research data faster and more accessible

Research projects are characterised by enormous amounts of data, which must be accessed very quickly and in different locations. With our in-depth knowledge of optical networks, we support universities with cost-efficient low-latency customised solutions. These solutions are flexible and scalable, so that they can be scaled up or down depending on the capacity requirements.

Very fast internet

Arcadiz's fibre-optic network offers speeds of 1 Gb/s to 200 Gb/s. We can switch on the optical channel, enabling us to achieve very high switching speeds.