Ensuring the safety and privacy of citizens is one of the important tasks of the government. So is protecting and maintaining the vital infrastructure (including waterways and pipelines) and traffic safety. Many digital developments are taking place in all these areas.

As digitalisation continues, the need for high quality, broadband internet connections increases. As an aggregate supplier within a number of framework contracts, Arcadiz supports the government with customised solutions in this area.

Mission Critical Networks

Reliability and predictability are crucial in Mission Critical networks. Mission Critical networks have to meet specific requirements. For example, the network must be compact, have redundancy, be able to handle a wide range of temperatures, be insensitive to electromagnetic radiation and have overvoltage protection. The consultants at Arcadiz are familiar with all environmental factors that can influence the robustness of Mission Critical networks and can provide you with extensive information about these.

Timing & Synchronisation

Time synchronisation is also extremely important for the quality of Mission Critical networks. Arcadiz builds synchronisation networks based on a solution from Oscilloquartz, part of ADVA Optical Networking. This end-to-end timing solution provides for the delivery of precise frequency, phase and time-of-day information as well as time-stamping of transactions.

Secure critical infrastructure

It is crucial that the security of vital infrastructures such as roads, bridges and locks is in order. End-to-end encryption on the optical layer forms an important part of this. Arcadiz's encryption solution supports a wide range of protocols, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand, and is the only fully integrated solution scalable to multiple 100Gbit/s.

A-brand partnerships

For the delivery of all these services, Arcadiz has a strategic partnership with a large number of A-brand vendors. Thanks to the highest partner status, Arcadiz specialists have direct access to the TAC L3 helpdesk of these vendors.