Cities and municipalities are constantly working to optimise the services they provide to their citizens. Cloud services are increasingly being used for this purpose. This has a major impact on the requirements for the Internet connection.

A safe, stable connection with unlimited bandwidth is a prerequisite for guaranteeing the quality of services. With Arcadiz's managed connectivity services, you are assured of a business-grade internet connection for professional use at all times.

Office 365

More and more cities and municipalities are switching to Office365. Arcadiz's managed fibre-optic network includes a direct connection to Microsoft's connectivity centre in Amsterdam. This guarantees stability and continuity, so employees always have access to their documents and can easily collaborate.

Municipal applications

Cities and municipalities are expanding their digital counters with more and more products and services. This integrated e-services also places high demands on the quality of the connection. A large number of providers of specific cloud applications for cities and municipalities are directly connected on-net to Arcadiz's fibre-optic network. Both on the side of the municipality and on the side of the provider. Think of applications from Cipal Schaubroeck, LCP, NRB, Belfiusweb, Cevi (including Vubis), Belpas, Mercurius, ISLP, etc. In addition, the fibre-optic network is connected to the Belgian National Internet eXchange (BNIX) and there is access via peering to all other cloud providers (a private connection to a cloud provider is also possible). This guarantees a very high stability of the applications with low latency.

Cost-effective, most economical solution

Many cities and municipalities have only a limited budget at their disposal to give further shape to digitisation. Arcadiz always starts each project by investigating the optimal and most economical connection in your specific situation.

In addition to the town hall, Arcadiz can also equip other municipal buildings with fast internet, making use of existing infrastructure if necessary. This also results in a very cost-efficient solution. We are happy to work with you, on the basis of a site visit, to see how we can tackle this pragmatically.

Arcadiz also listens to the need for redundant access lines and can work out a solution according to your needs.