The viewing behaviour of television viewers has changed enormously in recent years. More and more viewing is done online, on-demand, and the familiar tube is increasingly making way for the screen of a phone or PC. A similar development is taking place in newspapers and other printed media. Readers want to be able to read news on-demand on their smartphone or tablet and the latest news must be available as quickly as possible.

Both trends have a major impact on the way content is distributed and the requirements for the underlying digital infrastructure.

High-speed, ultra-low latency

To meet the changing needs of viewers and readers, it is crucial that providers can distribute their content around the world within a fraction of a second, non-blocking. As a specialist in the field of high-speed, ultra-low latency networks, Arcadiz supports broadcasting and media companies in several areas.

Low-latency routing & switching

Traditionally, Arcadiz consultants have been familiar with all the elements in a network that have an impact on latency. The choice of the right IP routing- and switching equipment is of great importance. Arcadiz is specialised in advising, delivering, implementing and maintaining redundant, low-latency IP routing & switching solutions. Our elite-partner status with leading vendors endorses our in-depth knowledge and experience.

Managed connectivity services

Fibre optics is pre-eminently suitable for fast, broadband networks. However, the length of the dark fibre route also has a significant influence on the latency. Based on the information we already have on the routes of the various suppliers, in combination with the Arcadiz BeNeLux backbone, we can advise you on the shortest route to the location of your CDN. We also take into account how the route can be maximised end-to-end over an optical network. Arcadiz offers the highest availability and largest capacity in the market.

Cloud connectivity

The Arcadiz BeNeLux backbone is directly connected to the Mediapark in Hilversum and the ASTRA satellites in Luxembourg.

Customised solution

Changes in the field of broadcasting and media follow each other in quick succession. At the same time, budgets are under severe pressure. Arcadiz is happy to help you find the most economical solution in your specific situation.