Banks are facing enormous challenges. In order to cut costs, more and more branches have to be closed and the focus is almost entirely on digitalisation and the introduction of new and emerging technologies to achieve operational efficiency.

The same applies to insurers. Online applications are becoming increasingly popular and customers expect fast, superior service. However, existing complex IT systems are an obstacle to the roll-out of new services.

With its in-depth knowledge of optical networks, Arcadiz supports banks and insurers in making financial applications quickly and securely accessible, while also optimising existing legacy systems.

Datacenter interconnectivity, including encryption on the optical layer

Arcadiz designs and implements fully redundant, optical data centre interconnect networks with an uptime guarantee of 99.9995%. Bandwidth, latency, security, availability and price are all weighed against each other to arrive at an optimal architecture. Encryption on the optical layer is part of the solution

Ultra-low latency

The performance of microservices is largely determined by latency. Arcadiz has always been familiar with all the components in a network that influence latency. Optimising all elements, even in existing legacy systems that cannot (yet) be replaced, is one of our specialties.

High-quality business Internet

With Arcadiz's managed connectivity services, you are assured of very high quality business Internet. If necessary, Arcadiz consultants can advise you on how to increase redundancy in order to optimise the quality of your microservices architecture.

Guaranteed and secure connection

Arcadiz's fibre-optic network is directly connected to a large number of professional hubs, such as the AMS-IX and the BNIX. Directly on-net or through peering (possibly via a private connection), the network offers access to all cloud providers. For extra security of your (web) applications, DDoS protection, CDN, WAF and IAM are also possible.

(Edge) cloud

Many organisations face the high costs, limited flexibility and high complexity of a multicloud environment. Arcadiz consultants support companies in designing the optimal and most scalable mix: a hybrid cloud environment formed by a combination of public, private and edge cloud.