Now that companies are increasingly using the cloud and cloud-based applications, the role of ICT integrators is also shifting. With the advent of new technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, new issues arise. To solve this issues, collaboration with a specialist is of added value, in order to be able to offer the end customer a good solution. Arcadiz is such a specialist.

Insight into digital transformation

The success of an organization is largely determined by the speed and efficiency of its services. In order to optimize all aspects of this process, insight into the digital transformation is necessary. Based on our in-depth knowledge, we support ICT integrators in providing insight into and optimizing all elements of the digital transformation that contribute to this.

Network design

The network design forms the basis for an optimal infrastructure. The experts at Arcadiz are familiar with all the specifications regarding, for example, low-latency, high availability and redundancy, which can contribute to this. The sooner the pre-sales architects of Arcadiz are involved in the project, the better they can fine-tune every aspect in the design, adapted to the needs and requirements of the end customer.

Managed Connectivity Services

To create the right balance between private cloud and public cloud, good connectivity is crucial. With Arcadiz's managed connectivity services, you are assured of a flexible and economically most advantageous solution, that is tailored to the customer's wishes.

Flexible managed multicloud environment

Arcadiz's services distinguish themselves from other providers by their flexibility and tailor-made solutions. With our managed connectivity services we offer access to a multicloud environment; this means that you have access to different cloud service providers, from different cities in the Benelux. The big advantage of a multicloud environment is the freedom of choice you have, which prevents vendor lock-in. In case of temporary problems of a cloud provider, or unexpectedly changing cost models, you can switch to another cloud service provider 'on the fly'. You can also adjust the dynamic volume ratio in function of best performance or best price. Customers are therefore always assured of the optimal and most economically advantageous solution.

Cloud consultancy

The number of cloud service providers and the diversity of the offer has increased dramatically in the past period. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees. Arcadiz is involved in various bodies that play a pioneering role in the further development of cloud adoption. With our knowledge and experience, we guide organizations in their implementation.