Digitalisation is the driving force behind innovation, strong dynamics and structural changes. This applies to energy and utility companies as well as to railways and other organisations dealing with vital infrastructures such as roads, bridges and locks.

In order to do this, it is necessary to replace existing legacy networks with modern communication infrastructures. Using its specialist knowledge and experience of optical networks, Arcadiz supports these organisations in the design, implementation and maintenance of their mission critical networks.

Timing & Synchronisation

Within a high-performance network, accurate timing plays a crucial role in ensuring the continuity of your network and business. Arcadiz builds synchronisation networks, based on a solution by Oscilloquartz, part of ADVA Optical Networking. This end-to-end timing solution provides accurate frequency, phase and time-of-day information.

Migrating TDM networks

From circuit switched TDM network to packet switched network. With the evolution of Ethernet protocols to new protocols such as MPLS-TP and Carrier Ethernet, it is possible to deliver circuits that were traditionally built with circuit switched TDM networks (SDH/PDH) over packet switched networks.

These types of networks are ideally suited in environments that require deterministic communications. These include railways and utilities, as well as public safety communication networks. It is of the utmost importance that the network always works and that certain parameters (latency, switching speed, etc.) can be set in advance and are therefore predictable and always within strict limits.

The migration from a TDM network to a Packet network requires in-depth knowledge. As a specialist in this field, Arcadiz supports organisations in designing and building high-quality, robust, Mission Critical networks.

Mission Critical Networks

Reliability and predictability are crucial in Mission Critical networks. Mission Critical networks have to meet specific requirements. For example, the network must be compact, have redundancy, be able to handle a wide range of temperatures, be insensitive to electromagnetic radiation and have surge protection.

The consultants at Arcadiz are familiar with all environmental factors that can influence the robustness of Mission Critical networks and can provide you with extensive information about these.

Mobile - Wireless

Mobile - Wireless

Mobile and wireless solutions offer many new possibilities. Think of smart energy meters, machine to machine (M2M) communication, the use of mobile 'workpads' for employees and offering advanced technological applications to customers via smartphone or tablet. However, this places specific demands on the communications infrastructure.

Will you continue to use your existing copper or fibre optic connections for this, or does it make sense to combine this with mobile solutions? These are often long-term investments. The solution you choose should therefore not only be future proof, but also capable of long-term maintenance. Arcadiz has extensive experience in this area and can provide you with extensive advice on the best and most economical solution for your specific situation.

Internet of Things

The applications of the Internet of Things and the number of connected devices are growing exponentially. In order to maximise the new possibilities of the Internet of Things, an open, scalable and secure communication infrastructure is indispensable.

Besides designing and implementing such networks, Arcadiz also specialises in managing them. From our Network Operations Centre, which operates 24x7, we monitor large numbers of objects, such as modems, routers and switches. Disruptions are solved immediately to guarantee the continuity of the network.