Healthcare is undergoing a major digital transition. The advent of new technologies such as Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and further robotisation is leading to a range of new applications. In addition, increasing use is being made of e-health and telehealth: care at a distance, close to the patient.

All these developments require, even more than before, fast and secure access to the right patient data and the global medical record (GMD). With Arcadiz's data centre interconnectivity solution and managed connectivity services, you are assured of real-time access to the latest information from any location at any time.

Data centre infrastructure

Hospitals are working together more and more. Not least because of cost control and more efficient patient care. However, this has a big impact on the data centre infrastructure and the connectivity between the data centres. Arcadiz is a specialist in data centre interconnectivity. For each situation, we weigh bandwidth, latency, security, availability and price against each other in order to arrive at an optimal architecture. We guarantee an uptime of 99.9995%.

Critical care applications

In addition to high-quality connectivity between data centres, the need for high-quality internet in healthcare is also increasing. For example, to remotely assess the results of medical imaging, or to use data from sensors (in real time).

With its managed connectivity services, Arcadiz provides hospitals and care institutions with a high-quality internet connection, which can also be made extra secure by means of encryption.

Arcadiz's fibre-optic network has an uninterrupted connection with the Belgian National Internet eXchange (BNIX) and access to all cloud providers via peering. For example, there is a secure connection to Nexuzhealth. Hospitals and care institutions as well as residential care centres can be connected to this network.

Cost-effective, most economical solution

The ever-increasing costs of healthcare and simultaneously ageing population are forcing healthcare organisations to be very efficient with their budgets. Arcadiz always starts each project by investigating the optimal and most economically advantageous connection in your specific situation. Our pragmatic approach also contributes to cost control.