Secure inter- and intradatacenter connectivity

As a specialist in the field of optical networks, Arcadiz helps organisations find the best and most economical solution.

Secure managed connectivity services

Tailored to your needs, Arcadiz integrates operator services into a total solution including connectivity between and to the data centres, as well as IP transit.

Secure cloud connectivity

A good migration strategy is crucial. Arcadiz advises organisations in making the right choices regarding connectivity, right from the start.

Secure managed LAN/WAN

The unique approach of Arcadiz Secure Managed LAN/WAN Services puts the user and his needs first. Through proactive optimisation, Arcadiz always guarantees a high-quality connection.

Professional services

With Arcadiz's professional services, you are choosing a hassle-free approach to deploying and setting up the new equipment.

Maintenance & support

If you outsource management and maintenance to the experts at Arcadiz, you are assured of quality. All services are available 24x7.


Drawing up a business case and making the right choices is not always easy. As a knowledge organisation, Arcadiz advises organisations on complex connectivity issues.