This year, EASI is investing heavily in the capacity, performance and security of its cloud solution, Cloud2be. The opening of a new data centre, a new partner for inter-data centre connections and an ISO 27001 certificate for its own cloud immediately set the tone.

"The data centre of Engie Cofely in Gembloux is the perfect addition to our two current centres in Machelen and Ghent. explains managing partner Thomas Van Eeckhout. "Our customers are increasingly thinking about cloud applications instead of on-site IT infrastructure. In this way, we are close to having our own data centre in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. An additional data centre also allows us to further expand our range of cloud services and meet customers with strong requirements for Business Continuity and Back Up Recovery."

Securing data in the cloud is of the utmost importance to us

To improve its network infrastructure, EASI is entering into a new partnership with Arcadiz. "In addition to higher internet speed and higher quality connections, together we will also realise an upgrade to a more advanced DDOS solution," says Marc Vandeputte, CTO at Arcadiz. EASI is also investing in new F5 load balancers, additional backup services and will also move the back-end switches.

"Securing data in the cloud is of the utmost importance to us," says managing partner Thomas Van Eeckut. says managing partner Thomas Van Eeckhout. EASI chose Fortinet as a partner for their firewall and ASaaS solutions and since December 2018 their cloud solution, Cloud2be also obtained the ISO 27001 certification. "We had a lot of best practices in place, but we wanted to show our commitment to customers. I am convinced that this certificate demonstrates our maturity and will allow further growth."

"Meanwhile, we have been working with EASI for three years. Ensuring the security of our data was one of the key points in choosing our cloud partner because we work with sensitive government information and strict legal restrictions. We see our collaboration as a partnership that allows us to grow further," says Joeri De Valck, Director of Data Services at non-profit organisation FEBIAC (Belgian and Luxembourg Automobile and Two-Wheeled Association).

The large investments are necessary to cope with the expected growth. In addition to technology, the company also expects to hire an additional 50 employees by the end of 2019, including several system engineers. "If we can find all the profiles, this would mean a growth of 25% for our company," says Laurent Delime who is responsible for HR.