Equans is the world’s largest technical services provider with 6.000 employees in the Netherlands.

Empowering transitions

They design, build, manage and maintain technical installations for their customers. With a strong emphasis on innovative and sustainable solutions. Equans empowers the energy, digital and industrial transition towards their client’s performance, for today and for tomorrow.

Continuity in data and IT-infrastructure

Next to gas, water and electricity, companies rely heavy on IT as the fourth utility. Just as with all utilities in which Equans guarantees quality, efficiency and availability worldwide, IT needs to be available 24/7. They deploy the right IT solutions that work for your people, your customers and your business. As agreed and always with advice for the continuity of your IT environment. Equans ensures that your IT infrastructure and data are secure, available and reliable. This gives you the certainty that the continuity of your business operations and services is guaranteed.