Coreso, based in Brussels, Belgium, is a Regional Coordination Center (RCC) supporting transmission system operators (TSOs) by providing 24/7 services for the coordination of the cross-border electricity system, contributing to the maintenance of a reliable electricity supply. The organization faced the challenge of migrating its datacenter located in Lomme (Lille, France) within a facility of one of its TSOs to a new location. This was necessary due to the closure of this facility and the essential need for improved security, reliability, and compliance.


For their new datacenter location, Coreso chose EBRC in Luxembourg, primarily due to the exceptional quality, security standards, and the ability to meet high SLA requirements. A seamless migration was crucial, focusing on technical specifications such as bandwidth, MTU size, and low latency, due to the critical need for real-time energy price calculations.

Specific Connectivity Requirements

The project involved careful planning and execution of multiple specialized data connections, including:

  • Two "temporary" 1 Gb connections from Lomme, France, to EBRC Luxembourg, for the migration period.
  • Two permanent 1 Gb connections between EBRC and Cegeka locations in Hasselt and Geleen, intended for management and backup transfers.
  • Additional 1 Gb connections from Saint-Denis, France, and Pulheim, Germany, to EBRC Luxembourg to expand Coreso's operational connectivity.
  • Redundant 1 Gb connections from the offices of TSCNet Munich (another RCC) to EBRC Luxembourg.


Arcadiz, the Coreso network team, Cegeka, and EBRC played a vital role in the flawless technical implementation of the project. With a dedicated technical SPOC, Arcadiz ensured streamlined communication and project management, allowing the project to be delivered step-by-step within a tight delivery schedule.


The migration to EBRC was a success, with significant improvements in security, reliability, and compliance. Furthermore, Coreso ensures a future-proof and sustainable solution. The positive outcome and satisfaction of Coreso and other TSOs led to additional projects and an expansion of the Arcadiz Backbone.

Future Perspectives

Together with TSCNet, Arcadiz is taking on the next challenge of connecting multiple buildings in Munich to both EBRC datacenters in Luxembourg. TSCNet, headquartered in Munich, Germany, along with Coreso, is one of the leading Regional Coordination Centers (RCC) in Europe, providing 24/7 cross-border coordination for the European electricity system and supporting transmission system operators (TSOs) to maintain a reliable power supply in Europe.