Arcadiz is thrilled to announce the rollout of its next-generation IP/MPLS datacentre network overlaying its current DWDM network spanning 50 DCs in the Benelux. The new network has 48x400G capacity in its core, linking Amsterdam and Brussels with two redundant short routes, marking a significant step forward for connectivity and network efficiency. This development is a key part of Arcadiz’s mission to boost the performance, reliability, and efficiency of our networks, setting a new benchmark for high-speed connectivity with ultra-low latency and high availability.

The move from our current packet infrastructure delivering 10G connections to a future-proof 100/400G framework is not just an upgrade; it's a transformative shift towards automated networking and interoperability using APIs. At the heart of this change is our commitment to route network paths in an automated way, considering parameters such as latency, load, and geo-redundancy to obtain the lowest possible latency and highest availability. Besides the capacity increase and the automation, the use of the latest technology from Nokia's 7750-FP5 chip supporting all state-of-the-art and future protocols completes the future-proofness of the new infrastructure.

By streamlining network management into a simpler, more unified system, we're tackling previous challenges of bottlenecks and scalability head-on. This strategic move significantly cuts down on the space needed for equipment and, combined with better operational practices, greatly reduces energy use per Gb, instrumental in reaching our sustainability goals. Our use of advanced software solutions means services can be delivered faster and adjusted remotely, slashing the time and effort traditionally needed and making our operations leaner and more error-proof.

One of the most innovative aspects of this upgrade is the flexible routing enabled by continuous detection and optimization through a central control entity (PCE), a feature that is remarkable for its ability to maintain optimal network performance dynamically. This level of transparency and service integrity is unparalleled, making it appear as though customers are connected by a direct cable, while in reality, they benefit from a highly sophisticated service.

This deployment of our new core is just the beginning of a broader vision that will eventually connect over 50 data centers across the Benelux and FLAPD regions, offering seamless direct cloud connectivity and enhancing our clients' access to essential cloud resources and services. Introducing core routers with 48x400G capacity showcases our commitment to leading the way towards a more interconnected, efficient, and future-ready network landscape.

Arcadiz's forward-thinking approach, focusing on automated path selection and advanced cloud connectivity, is opening a new era of networking. By laying the foundation for a network that is not only ready for 400G but can also scale up to 800G, we're ensuring our infrastructure will continue to serve the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike, driving the future of connectivity forward.

Friday 16 February 2024