Tuesday 6 June 2023
In person

On Tuesday 6 June 2023, we welcome you to What'sUp?@2023, the customer day of the Cipal Schaubroeck Group. We welcome you at the Elisabeth Centre in Antwerp, and present you with a dazzling programme

Safe and healthy collaboration, that is the challenge for the public sector. Covid, Ukraine and hacking crises - to name but a few - have made that priority clear. From this angle, we are happy to inform you about trends and novelties across policy areas (human resources, policy & finance, social affairs, citizens' affairs, environment, citizen-oriented communication, security, smart and traffic-safe city, ...).

Whether you are mayor, alderman, director, head of department, policy maker, IT manager, employee in a specific domain, whether you work for a province, city or municipality, police zone or housing company, ..., you can put together a programme tailored to your needs below.