During this session we will explain you how we deliver a revolutionary access layer experience for wired and wireless networks. We’re making networks more predictable, reliable and measurable with a comprehensive portfolio and cloud services driven by Mist AI to give IT teams an edge in transforming their businesses with new technologies.

See why 4 of the Fortune 10 have switched.

Learn how we can help you:

Build the network of the next decade with Mist AI and a microservices cloud.
Demo Unique AI-driven features such as advanced RRM, anomaly detection, and dynamic packet capture.
Drive better user/client/device experiences across a unified wired and wireless network.
How to troubleshoot in seconds with our Marvis virtual network assistant.
Automate operations and simplify troubleshooting with self-driving networks.
Extend your enterprise network to employees’ homes.
Deliver innovative location services with Virtual Bluetooth LE.
Return to your workplace safely and with confidence using MIST Track & Trace.

  • Language: Dutch
  • Timing: 60min.

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