In this session, we delve into real-world customer use-cases, shedding light on common issues faced by media companies:

1.Seamless Avid Integration & Automation:

Ensure uninterrupted studio production with Avid Technology-qualified deployments, eliminating downtime. Automate Avid Production Networks for enhanced flexibility, reliability and unparalleled performance.

2. Scalable Bandwidth Solutions:

Address growing bandwidth and higher media consumption on the edge, ensuring scalable capacity and reliable broadcast stream paths. The need for enhanced low-latency bandwidth across region and across media companies or content providers will impact your network infrastructure.

3. AI-Driven Studio Experience:

Maximize user experience reducing operating expenses by proactive remediation and boosting network reliability through automation. Join our webinar to explore these cutting-edge solutions and revolutionize your studio production environment.

Discover the transformative power of our solutions and its seamless integration with Avid Media Composer software, as well as how to addresses critical challenges, providing unparalleled efficiency, cost reduction, and optimized security for media companies.

Gain valuable insights from customer cases, where implemented technology has not only boosted efficiency but has also resulted in tangible benefits. Join us to explore the practical lessons learned and the transformative impact on real-world media and broadcast operations.

  • Language: English
  • Timing: 1 hour

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