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Raisecom, establishment in 1999, is now a leading vendor providing comprehensive access solutions and network devices. Headquartered in Beijing/China, Raisecom has consistently achieved strong growth with partners and customers over 80 countries worldwide. Raisecom has over 2,500 employees with one RnD center in Beijing, two main manufacturing sites in Beijing and Shenzhen, eight international branches and representative offices, and Raisecom Inc. located in Florida, USA. Starting from innovative Ethernet media converters, Raisecom has developed a number of product lines including Carrier Ethernet, SME Router, Industrial Switch, xPON, PTN, Ethernet over Everything, Last Mile Access, xWDM, MSAP and NMS. In addition, we specialize in tailored solutions for access scenarios focusing on business connections, SME access, Mobile Backhaul (MBH), Industrial & Utility applications and residential triple-play services.


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