A Strategic Response to Shifting Market Dynamics in Operational Services

LEUVEN, 21 DECEMBER 2023 — As the telecommunications landscape continues to evolve, Arcadiz Telecom reaffirms its commitment to innovation and operational excellence with the appointment of Marcel Lücht as the dynamic new Director of Operations. This strategic move comes at a pivotal time when companies are increasingly focusing on streamlining their operational services, leveraging top-tier talent to navigate the shifting dynamics of the market. As also highlighted by Deloittes’ October 2023 report for ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ association).

Arcadiz Telecom, a key player in connectivity solutions across the Benelux region, specializes in designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating business-critical telecommunication networks. In an era where data connectivity complexity is the norm, the company is at the forefront of meeting the escalating demand for bandwidth, security, and efficiency.

Marcel Lücht, who started his career at KPN, is a seasoned telecom expert with over 20 years of international experience, including notable roles at Eurofiber and Proximus. His strategic vision and operational expertise will not only fortify the company's existing capabilities but also position it as a trailblazer in meeting the growing need for streamlined and efficient operational services.

"Marcel Lücht's appointment is a strategic response to the evolving needs of our clients. We recognize the current trend in the market, where businesses are keen on optimizing their operational functions. Marcel's wealth of experience is an invaluable asset as we gear up to offer innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients," said Kris Warreyn,CEO at Arcadiz Telecom.

Lücht's role as Director of Operations takes on added significance against the backdrop of a market that increasingly values efficiency and seamless operations. His dedication to customer satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of quality positions Arcadiz Telecom as a forward-thinking player in the industry.

"I am excited to be part of Arcadiz Telecom during this transformative period. The market is clearly signaling a shift towards operational efficiency, and I am committed to leading our teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only keep pace with but also anticipate the evolving needs of our clients," expressed Marcel Lücht.

With the strategic vision of Marcel Lücht and the commitment of Arcadiz Telecom to operational excellence, the company is optimally equipped to be a leader in the changing landscape of the telecommunications industry.

jeudi 21 décembre 2023