Why with the incoming NIS2 directive, protection of your data in transit becomes increasingly important

The NIS2 directive mandates stringent measures to enhance cybersecurity resilience across critical sectors. Encrypting data in transit is imperative as it safeguards sensitive information during transmission, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. By adhering to encryption protocols, organizations fortify their networks against cyber threats, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data. Compliance with NIS2 not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also reinforces the overall cybersecurity posture, fostering a secure digital environment. Encrypting data in transit is a fundamental component of this strategy, bolstering protection against evolving cyber threats and strengthening organizational resilience in the face of potential attacks.

Luke Ibbetson, head of R&D at Vodafone, said on the Mobile World Conference: “Quantum computing is by far the biggest revolution in computing since the 1950s.” and he is not wrong about that. Quantum computers will be capable of easily performing calculations beyond the capabilities of classical computers, including those involved in cracking public key cryptography algorithms. These encryption techniques are used to protect much of our valuable data today – from WhatsApp messages to bank transfers. What happens when these encryption keys get compromised? In fact, malicious actors have already begun collecting data protected by traditional public-key cryptography in ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ attacks: already, they are anticipating the commercial availability of quantum computers, which will allow them to crack it. As we reach the brink of this reality, there has been increasing alarm from academics and industry bodies about creating quantum-safe technologies.

How to tackle this challenge

The joint efforts of Adtran and Arcadiz underscore the importance of collaboration in addressing the challenges of securing data in transit. Together, we provide solutions that not only facilitate reliable and scalable connectivity but also prioritize the safeguarding of sensitive information during the transfer process. the integration of advanced quantum encryption technologies that encrypt data during transit, provides businesses with an extra layer of security, avoiding potential threats and unauthorized access.