Turnkey solution

Fully tailored to your needs, Arcadiz integrates operator services into a turnkey solution including connectivity between and to the data centres, as well as IP transit.

Since 2016 Arcadiz has been building its own backbone network in the Benelux. This proprietary network allows to meet connectivity needs on a custom basis with a short connection time. Meanwhile, more than 50 data centres, Internet exchanges and cloud providers have been connected and we count 2250 km of exposed fibre.


Both a private network and a public network are possible. Regardless of the choice, the safety of your data remains of paramount importance. Connecting to the Arcadiz backbone means ultra-low-latency connectivity at guaranteed continuity with high availability and fully redundant routing to street level. To prevent theft of your data, the entire network can be encrypted at your request. If desired, additional services relating to DDoS mitigation can also be purchased.

Discover more about encryption here.


Arcadiz offers the highest availability and largest capacity in the market. Because Arcadiz, unlike traditional operators, applies the principle of dissociation between infrastructure and equipment, the costs of equipment and connections are made completely transparent. This allows you to make the most economical choice. In addition, the costs for expansion are very low.

Datacenter connectivity map

Discover our Datacenter connectivity map here.