Artificial Intelligence

The unique approach of Arcadiz LAN/WLAN Managed Services places the user and their needs at the centre versus the network itself.

For these services Arcadiz uses the Artificial Intelligence of the Juniper MIST AI Driven Enterprise platform. This AIOps technology predicts behaviour and automatically improves and optimises the network. This not only allows for a better user experience, but also a better and more efficient use of your internal resources, which translates into a lower TCO.

Arcadiz LAN/WLAN Managed Services are purchased with SLEs instead of SLAs. With an SLE or Service Level Expectation, not only is connectivity tested, but permanent monitoring must guarantee that the connection can meet a predetermined quality standard. In addition, proactive improvements are always suggested to optimise your network quality.

The Juniper MIST AI Driven Enterprise platform also offers a number of extension modules that can be applied within different sectors. Location tracking can be chosen, for example, to analyse shopping behaviour, to monitor the movement of patients in a hospital or to keep track of expensive medical equipment.