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Quickscan Dark Fiber

Are you in search of the best and most economical dark fiber connection for your specific scenario?

Based on the information we have available on the various suppliers' routes we can carry out a free quickscan for you, which will give a definitive answer on whether a more in-depth paid study makes sense.

Independent study
As a specialist in the area of optical networks we have extensive experience when it comes to dark fiber routes, as well as in-depth knowledge of the equipment connected to it. In addition, we are not tied to a single dark fiber supplier and we actively assess the route that bests fits into your organization's Program of Requirements, even if it requires route combinations from several suppliers.

If a quickscan suggests that a more in-depth study makes sense, in that case our expertise can also help you in making the right choice. Our consultants can support you with:

  • Drawing up a Program of Requirements
  • Requesting routes from the various dark fiber suppliers
  • Interpreting and making route choices or route combinations based on the PoR
  • Auditing the choices the client proposes
  • Continuity testing of existing or created routes (ODTR)
  • Delivery of thorough as built documentation

Direct contracting
If you have located the right route, your organization will conclude the contract directly with the dark fiber supplier(s) who provide(s) the eventual route choice(s). in this way, you stay in control at the lowest possible cost.
Would you like to contract out the entire project? If you so wish, Arcadiz can also assume full responsibility for the route.

Would you like to know more?

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