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The importance of data centers, as a fundament component of digital society, is ever-increasing.

This imposes very high requirements on connectivity between data centers. As a specialist in the field of optical networks, we are dealing with the challenges and complexities organizations run into in this area on a daily basis.

The computerization of businesses, the government and society is rapidly increasing. This development turns the world on its head and has a major impact on every organization in every industry. The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Application Economy are only the beginning. One thing is certain: not so long from now digital society will look completely different.

In a world in which change is the only constant, the winner is he who is able to find the best connection between present and future.

Arcadiz helps businesses in making the correct choices in the transition to the future.

Data Center Interconnect

Data Center Interconnect

With increasing computerization the importance of data center connectivity is also greater.

As a specialist in the area of optical networks, Arcadiz helps organizations to identify the preeminent and most economical solution. The pros and cons of bandwidth, latency, security, availability and price are considered for each customer's scenario in order to achieve the best possible architecture, whilst guaranteeing 99.9995% uptime.

Major network capacity (multiples of 1G to 100Gb/s), various protocols (Ethernet and FibreChannel) and geographical distribution, are ideal for the deployment of dark fiber (unlit fiber optics) with WDM equipment. Read more on this topic in the white paper '10 Reasons to opt for your own (unlit) dark fiber connection with WDM equipment'.



End-to-end encryption on the optical layer represent an important component in an integrated security policy.

It prevents data leaks and satisfies regulations as part of the law on data breach notification and the GDPR.

Arcadiz' encryption solution supports a large number protocols, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand and is also the only fully integrated solution scalable to multiple 100Gbit/s.

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

Are you considering moving one or more data centers to the Cloud or other geographically remote locations?

In that case a good migration strategy is critical. Arcadiz advises organizations during the preliminary phase in making the correct choices in terms of connectivity.

Arcadiz is datacenter-neutral and based on its knowledge and experience is able to assess what the impact is of the various options on latency, performance, availability and costs.

Data Center switching

Data Center switching

Cloud, Mobile, Internet of Things and Big Data require a transition in terms of technology.

High availability between data centers is critical, but the network must also be improved and simplified within the data center. An optical network, combined with an open, software-defined network infrastructure, provides the solution, as it increases scalability and flexibility to spread all network traffic across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Quickscan Dark Fiber routes

Quickscan Dark Fiber routes

Are you looking for the optimal and economically most advantageous dark fiber connection in your specific situation?

Based on the information already available to us about the tracés of the different suppliers, we can perform a free quickscan for you. This makes it clear whether a further paid research is useful.



Ask for your free quickscan!
IP Transit with BGP

IP Transit with BGP

Do you require extra redundancy in your network? Or would you like to control the routing of your Internet traffic with the help of the BGP protocol?

Arcadiz offers reliable, geographically spread, scalable and affordable bandwidth. Arcadiz services are supported 24/7 by local customer support desks.

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

Service and quality is what we are all about.

All your questions, issues and orders from various suppliers are centralized in a single point of contact at Arcadiz.

From the Arcadiz Network Operation Center we monitor our customers' networks 24/7. In the event of a disruption, we resolve the problem, regardless of where said problem is located. To do so we have a large number of spares available in various regional warehouses and on-site engineers are also available 24/7.

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