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As an independent specialist Arcadiz supports its customers before, during and after the implementation of a project.

Based on their specific expertise, experienced Arcadiz consultants and engineers support organizations comprehensively with all manner of issues: from feasibility studies and risk analyses through to the design, implementation and management of broadband networks.

Arcadiz services can be provided flexibly, fully geared to your needs.

Managed Connectivity Services

Managed Connectivity Services

Fully geared to your needs, Arcadiz integrates operator services into a total solution, including connectivity between and to data centers, as well as IP transit.

Both private and public networks are options. The Arcadiz Managed Connectivity Service is fully redundant and provided with encryption with ultra low latency, thus ensuring the performance for synchronous mirroring. If you wish we can also provide your network with DDoS protection.

In this context, Arcadiz offers the greatest availability and capacity on the market. Since Arcadiz, as opposed to traditional operators, applies the principle of dissociation between infrastructure and equipment, the costs of the equipment and connections are made fully transparent, allowing you to make the most economical choice for your business. In addition, expansion costs are very low when using this model.



As a knowledge-based organization Arcadiz advises companies in complex connectivity issues.

Arcadiz has more than 18 years experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of business-critical network infrastructures, using the most advanced optical technologies, which helps companies with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, security and efficiency.

Based on this experience, Arcadiz is able to think along with you in defining the business case and in making the right choices.

Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration

Not only costs, but also impact on performance are of the utmost importance during the migration to a new data center.

In view of assisting companies in seeking the best and most economical dark fiber network, Arcadiz has developed a comprehensive database with all available fiber-optic data links in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and branching out neighboring countries. When moving or expanding your data center, this can serve as the basis to determine what the most suitable location is.

In addition to connection and recurring costs related to connectivity, Arcadiz is able to show the impact of the various options on latency. The impact on the performance of the various business-critical applications can be determined in advance by means of a test set-up in the Arcadiz lab or on the customer's premises with fiber-optic spools and transmission equipment

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Optimal high-level and low-level design requires a holistic approach.

When developing high-level or low-level designs, Arcadiz specialists take into account the company's business-critical applications. In addition, the various options involving the underlying physical equipment are also taken on board, in order to reach the best and most economical solution.

Arcadiz applies a vendor-neutral approach. If you should so desire we can make a vendor selection for you based on our in-depth knowledge.

A feasibility study and/or a risk analysis can also be carried out, whereby the availability of the connection is mapped out, as well as what the impact is of a power outage and/or fiber cut how costs relate to risks and what the costs are to mitigate the risks, among others.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

If you contract out the installation and commissioning of your project to Arcadiz experts, you will be guaranteed quality.

Arcadiz supports its customers from A-to-Z during the implementation process.

Based on your specific scenario, our experienced engineers will think along with you going into the finest details in order for the implementation to take place as smoothly as possible. The basic goal is to achieve zero or minimum downtime in order for your company not to experience unnecessary disruptions.

We handle staging, installation and commissioning, as well as site surveys and documentation. Test and PoC setups can be organised in Arcadiz' own lab, as well as on the customer's site.

After completion, Arcadiz can assume the management of the entire environment through its Network Operations Center.



Arcadiz provides both vendor-specific and vendor-agnostic training.

Vendor specific training includes ADVA Optical Networking, Calix, Raisecom or Arista solutions. Vendor-agnostic training explores in detail technologies such as (D)WDM, Carrier-Ethernet or MPLS-TP. In addition, it is also possible to follow on optical introduction course.

All training is tailored to the participants' level (for NOC engineers, field engineers and design architects, among others). We also offer the option to take part in a hands-on technical workshop.
Training is provided on the customer's premises or in the Arcadiz office.

Please contact us for further information.



With Arcadiz' Mananged Services you opt for your network's guaranteed continuity and availability, without worries.

Arcadiz' Mananged Services can be taken in modules. You can choose from a wide range of services, from on-site engineers and immediately available spares through to remote monitoring. All services are available 24/7.

Your network is monitored from the Arcadiz Network Operations Center on the various layers of the OSI model, i.e., the physical layer, the transmission layer and the packet layer. In this way, disruptions are detected proactively and remedied, without compromising your services.

Would you like the turnkey management of your network by Arcadiz or keep specific components under your own management? The choice is up to you!

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