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Solutions for service providers

Several services across a single infrastructure.

Service Providers are facing the challenge, on the one hand to deliver high-capacity services across the same infrastructure, fast and cost-efficiently for the corporate market (1GbE to 100G), and on the other hand to provide residential and mobile backhaul services. This requires a network infrastructure that is reliable, secure and scalable. Optical networks, provided with synchronization and encryption, are ideally suited to deliver these various services across the same infrastructure.

Optical Transport Networks

Optical Transport Networks

Arcadiz is a specialist in the design, development and maintenance of optical transport networks for Service Providers.

Arcadiz has extensive experience with both WDM- and packet-based optical networks. Whether or not provided with encryption, which gives you the option to offer B2B MEF2.0 services with guaranteed quality.

Arcadiz implements Ethernet Assurance on these networks, an end-to-end monitoring service, which enables you to monitor and demonstrate this quality (packet loss, delay, jitter, etc.) with a portal for your customers.

These networks can be expanded with extra features such as synchronization, for next-generation mobile networks, for example. We are also able to measure and monitor the quality of the network synchronization from our Network Operations Center.

Arcadiz is also experienced in Open Line Systems, whereby disintegration of the optical network is possible and alien wavelengths can be transported across an open optical layer.

Optical Access Networks

Optical Access Networks

An optical access network offers the opportunity to provide a broad range of digital services to a large number of users.

Care establishment, student campuses and business parks are known for their diverse demand for various services. In this context just think of telephony, video, high-speed data, wireless, camera monitoring, IP intercom, smart metering and home automation.

With our optical access solutions, based on Active Ethernet, GPON, Next Generation PON (NG-PON2, XGS-PON) or, you can connect users in a scalable manner and easily manage them.

Timing & Synchronization

Timing & Synchronization

Precise timing is mandatory for running a high-performance network. Mandatory to ensure the continued success of your network and your business.


24/7 Monitoring & Management

24/7 Monitoring & Management

Customer networks are monitored 24/7 from the Arcadiz Network Operations Center.

From here we also manage networks for operators who wish to contract out that portion. Our specialists excel with their thorough knowledge of optical transport networks. In addition, our engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to immediately remedy any disruptions.

Through an "a la carte" model customers can decide whether or not to contract out any aspect of the network's maintenance to Arcadiz.

In this context, Arcadiz acts as the Single Point of Contact. Therefore you only have to contact us to resolve an issue, regardless of where the breakdown occurred in the network.

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking

With Software-Defined Networking (SDN) you can flexibly and dynamically manage multivendor networks from a single central point.

The four current most important trends: Cloud, mobile, social and big data need a technological transition, which leads to the "third platform", whereby Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) play an important role. In SDN the control plane is separated from the data plane, whereby the applications are separated from the physical infrastructure. In NFV it is about the virtualization of functions within the network, such as routers, load balancers and firewalls. Both are aimed at increased flexibility and scalability in the data center.

How SDN architecture offers the most benefits is different for every organization. Our experienced consultants can provide you with extensive information on the subject.

Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments

In order to optimally implement and manage complex, optical networks, specialist measuring equipment is critical.

Arcadiz owns an extensive range of instruments for the continuity testing of WDM networks, such as OTDR meters, Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA), dispersion meters, Traffic Analyzers and Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT) to 100G, optical power meters, fiber inspection cameras, etc. with which we can check whether a fiber optic route meets preset requirements. We can also determine where the disruption is located after a fiber break.

Arcadiz' highly skilled engineers have specific knowledge and experience with optical networks and the implementation of the correct tools.

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