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St. Antonius Hospital renews optical network in cooperation with Arcadiz Networks

Friday 01 April 2016
St. Antonius Hospital renews optical network in cooperation with Arcadiz Networks

New network infrastructure provides maximum availability


Vleuten/Heverlee, 1th of April 2016 - Arcadiz, specialist in the field of broadband optic fiber networking, has provided a new optical network for St. Antonius Hospital. With the new infrastructure, high availability, maximum redundancy and low latency features, the hospital is able to optimally facilitate the increasing digitization in healthcare.


IT infrastructure is the base

St. Antonius Hospital is a modern, top clinical hospital. Its main aim is to provide the best medical and nursing care and service. To virtually every action that takes place in the hospital, an ICT component is at the base.

This  network also runs about 500 different applications. When it comes to the amounts of data, processing has the most impact by far. Also the exchange between specialists in different locations thru video conferencing and even following an operation by video is possible. And do not forget of course the SPD, the core which everything revolves around, so that all health care providers have the latest information concerning patients.



To facilitate this, the St. Anthonius had two data centers. One on premise at the location of the St. Antonius in Nieuwegein and one in an external data center. Both were connected over single fiber. The capacity in the data center on site of St. Anthonius Nieuwegein was no longer sufficient, while the equipment was in need of replacement. For that reason they had to come up with a sollution. For the design, delivery and implementation of the new fiber network Arcadiz Networks was chosen.

Mark Feenstra, Team Leader network and systems: 'Arcadiz deliberately chooses to be a specialist in the field of knowledge of optical networks. This exudes a lot of power and they're good at it! "


Synchronous replication

The new network infrastructure consists of two data centers which are redundantly linked to one another.

All five hospital locations are also connected thru fiber to both data centers. This way, redundancy is fully guaranteed and synchronous replication between the two data centers can take place. By using DWDM technology, the DMZ switches (1GbE), the core network switches (10GbE) and SAN switches (16Gb FC) between the data center (DC1 and DC2) a connection between all hospital locations is established.



"Availability of ICT infrastructure for the hospital is, almost literally, vital" says Jette Pettinga, Head of IT Management at the St. Antonius. "I’s only logical to use optic fiber. Not only because of the speed, but also because of its flexibility. We have the fiber entirely at our disposal and can self-define the different network segments. The solution is scalable. This allows us to easily expand the capacity, a necessity with the massive data growth that all new applications bring along."



The new WAN infrastructure at St. Antonius features a state -of- the-art, future-proof network. Also in case of mergers, as with the Hofpoort Hospital Woerden, or other partnerships to easily expand the network. This hospital is prepared for further digital transformation that will provide, even in the healthcare segment, a tremendous revolution.