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Arcadiz Telecom boosts connection speed between Belgian railroad data centers

Friday 18 April 2014
Arcadiz Telecom boosts connection speed between Belgian railroad data centers

FiberChannel 16: the latest development in the area of fast and efficient connections for large amounts of data

Leuven - As part of a 5-year framework agreement with the NMBS on optical transmission (active and passive xWDM) and transport over copper, Leuven-based network specialist Arcadiz Telecom has come up with a Belgian first.

FibreChannel (FC) is a high-speed network technology that is primarily used for storage networking. “Speed has increased from 2, 4 to 8 Gbps in the past few years. The latest step is now 16 Gbps (FC16) and its advantages are obvious: faster data transfer, fewer FC links are required to carry out the necessary tasks, less equipment that needs to be managed and lower power consumption,” according to Marc Vandeputte, Solutions & Technologies director at Arcadiz Telecom.

The framework agreement, in addition to passive WDM and copper modems also covered equipment for the active WDM aspect. The railroads were already familiar with the first solution. After a positive evaluation of a demo solution for the active WDM portion, the connection between Brussels and the new railroad data center in Muizen near Mechelen has been implemented,” says Vandeputte of Arcadiz Telecom. 
One of the data centers today features FC8 (8 Gbps) and the other by now FC16 (16 Gbps). The solution proposed by Arcadiz Telecom, ensures that when FC8 is upgraded to FC16, no further investments have to be made in the optical transport layer, which will allow for a seamless upgrade.

A fast and reliable connection is of the utmost importance since a large number of critical or real-time applications depend on the quality of such connections,” Vandeputte adds. FC8 was reasonably well-established, but with FC16, Arcadiz Telecom realizes a Belgian first. This faster speed will become the new standard for data centers. “Speed is becoming more important. Servers and storage can be upgraded and added more easily and quickly than network infrastructures. The explosive growth of applications and data traffic will see to it that FC8 will reach its limit in the not-too-distant future. By opting for FC16 the railroads acquired sufficient capacity for the coming years in order for 40G and even 100G to become an option going forward,” according to Vandeputte of Arcadiz Telecom.

Arcadiz Telecom collaborated with ADVA Optical Networking for this active WDM solution. For other components of the framework agreement they worked with the Norwegian SmartOptics and OneAccess with whom the railroads had worked previously and with whom Arcadiz Telecom ensures continuity. “Arcadiz Telecom's offer dovetails with the railroads' ICT transport needs. As a system integrator who fully focuses on transmission and conductivity, Arcadiz Telecom occupies a fairly unique position in a market in which connectivity, speed and reliability are becoming increasingly important,” states Jos Vermeylen, Arcadiz Telecom CEO.