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Arcadiz designs secure high-end cross-border connectivity for Cegeka

Tuesday 10 May 2016
Arcadiz designs secure high-end cross-border connectivity for Cegeka

Leuven, May 10th 2016 - Arcadiz designed secure high-end cross-border connectivity for Cegeka. Arcadiz’s network design specialists were called in early-on in the process by Belgian ICT provider Cegeka to identify the optimal location for the company’s latest state-of-the art data centre in the Netherlands, close to its existing data centre in Belgium (Hasselt).  As a result, the data centers could be connected in a cost-effective way.

Low latency

As soon as the decision on the site in Geleen was taken, Arcadiz started working on optical fibre routes meeting the required low latency.  “We worked with multiple dark fibre providers to build 4 independent short routes with one SLA crossing the border between Hasselt (Belgium) and Geleen (the Netherlands) at 4 different locations. “With all 4 routes monitored 24x7 with OTDR technology and fault repair within 4 hours, this set-up allows for near 100% up-time,” says Jos Vermeylen, CEO of Arcadiz.

Secure and flexible

For the active network infrastructure Arcadiz selected its long-trusted partner ADVA Optical Networking, allowing for an impressive 4TBps connectivity per route between the respective Cegeka data centres.  ADVA’s low-latency optical transport solutions and the short routes identified by Arcadiz support synchronous mirroring between Cegeka’s main data centres in Hasselt (Belgium) and Geleen (the Netherlands). “The initial connectivity is a multiple of 10 GbE and Fibre Channel 8G, but it is possible to add multiples of encrypted 40G, 100G and FC16 on the fly, thus allowing for further connection speed increases as the market needs grow while costs are kept under control,” Vermeylen continues. With the ever growing demand for cloud solutions and web environments, it goes without saying that all connections with the new data centre are AES256 encrypted.



Later on in the process connectivity with Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Leuven was implemented. Before customers were connected to the Leuven DC and the Hasselt DC. Today the Leuven DC connects directly to the Geleen DC as well, allowing Cegeka’s customers to make full use of this powerful cross-border connection.



“Arcadiz managed to come up with a highly efficient solution for a complex connectivity issue,” says Luc Greefs, Director Shared Technology & Infrastructure Delivery of Cegeka. “The Arcadiz  engineers’ out-of-the-box mentality not only allowed them to identify 4 independent international short fibre optic routes tackling the latency issue, but their solution also ticked all the boxes in terms of cost-efficiency and quality, says Luc Greefs.


Intelligent network design

“The longest route has a round trip delay of 1,25ms surpassing by far the initial 3ms target of Cegeka. As latency has a significant impact on both network performance and the connectivity costs for customers selecting a data centre, this is yet another element for ICT providers to take into account. Intelligent network design in this respect is crucial,” says Marc Vandeputte, Director Solutions & Technology of Arcadiz. Over the years Arcadiz has gained significant experience and has broadened its service offering by dedicated consultancy services focusing on latency issues.


The contract with Cegeka covers a 10y-period with the option of a 5-yr extension.