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Arcadiz develops Quickscan to locate Dark Fiber routes

Thursday 18 June 2015
Arcadiz develops Quickscan to locate Dark Fiber routes

Vleuten/Heverlee, June 18, 2015 - ARCADIZ, specialist in the area of broadband optical fiber networks, has developed a tool, capable of locating the best and most economical dark fiber connection. Using this tool, ARCADIZ is able to carry out a quickscan, which can quickly and easily provide a decisive answer on whether a more in-depth paid study is justified.

Independent study
As a specialist when it comes to optical networks, ARCADIZ has extensive experience with het requesting of dark fiber routes, as well as in-depth knowledge of the equipment connected to it. In addition, ARCADIZ is not tied to a dark fiber provider and actually assesses a route on the best fit with the customer's Schedule of Requirements, even if route combinations from several suppliers are required.

If it appears from the quickscan that a more in-depth study makes sense ARCADIZ is able to subsequently help its customers to make the right choices. Services in this area consist of the drawing up of a Schedule of Requirements, the requesting of routes from the various dark fiber providers, the interpretation and making of route choices or route combinations based on the SoR, the auditing of choices submitted by the customer, the continuity-testing of existing or implemented routes (ODTR) and the delivery of comprehensive as-built documentation. If required, Arcadiz can also assume full responsibility for the route.

Business case
Gaby Lips, managing director of ARCADIZ Networks: "We have years' of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of business-critical, optical networks for data centers. Based on our experience we always seek the best and at the same time most cost-efficient solution for our customers. With the development of this quickscan and supplementary related services, we meet the needs of companies to be able to objectively make the right business case on whether or not to opt for their own dark fiber with their own WDM equipment".