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Arcadiz and Oscilloquartz Synchronize Belgium’s Emergency Services Network

Monday 10 October 2016
Arcadiz and Oscilloquartz Synchronize Belgium’s Emergency Services Network

 ASTRID Deploys Rubidium Access Device With Advanced Holdover Algorithm for Ultimate Sync Assurance


Leuven, Belgium. October 10, 2016. Arcadiz, specialist in the field of broadband fiber optic networks, announced today that ASTRID has deployed the ADVA OSA 5411 in a new synchronization network. ASTRID, the operator of Belgium’s national emergency services communication network, chose to anchor its transport infrastructure with the OSA 5411 access device. The OSA 5411 features rubidium-based timing and synchronization capabilities along with a unique holdover algorithm. The new synchronization solution has been seamlessly integrated with ASTRID’s existing optical transport network. It will ensure stringent requirements for timing accuracy are met across all regions of the country.


“Our network is a lifeline for Belgium’s emergency services. Ensuring its reliability and consistency couldn’t be more important. We know how vital synchronization is for consistent high performance. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with partners we can depend on to meet the very highest standards,” said Jurgen Poels, head, radio networks systems and transport, ASTRID. “Oscilloquartz and Arcadiz have created a solution that fully integrates with our current network management system. What’s more, the installation was carried out without any disruption to services, and both teams have provided exemplary support at every stage of the process.”


Built on the OSA 5411 synchronization distribution and assurance device, ASTRID’s new end-to-end timing solution will ensure the delivery of precise frequency, phase and time-of-day information across all 10 provinces in Belgium. The OSA 5411, the newest member of the OSA 5410 series, is the first access network device in the industry to provide rubidium-based timing and synchronization capabilities along with an advanced holdover algorithm. This provides much longer frequency and phase holdover in the event of GNSS outages. The synchronization solution also configures easily with ASTRID’s existing transport infrastructure, which is built on the ADVA FSP 3000.


“Our OSA 5411 will ensure that ASTRID’s network performs consistently at the highest level. It provides incredibly precise synchronization delivery and assurance, and a frequency standard that won’t change over time. In moments of emergency, that guarantee of accuracy and reliability makes a crucial difference,” commented Jörg Urban, director, business development, Oscilloquartz. “Our OSA 5411 includes dual field replaceable power supplies that ensure continuous operation and protect services against unexpected outages. It’s also engineered to be flexible and robust, helping ASTRID’s network succeed in its vital role of safeguarding and protecting the Belgian population.”


“Together with Oscilloquartz, we’ve worked extremely closely with ASTRID to make sure every aspect of this installation is integrated and effective. As well as innovative and reliable technology, we know that the vital ingredient is trust and so our team has worked tirelessly to deliver on all promises,” said Marc Vandeputte, director, solutions and technologies, Arcadiz. “ASTRID has seen the number of emergency and security services using its network growing every year. Currently it connects over 70,000 devices. With the stability and reliability of our synchronization solution, its communication infrastructure can continue to expand and also evolve to embrace next-generation mobile technology.”


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