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Arcadiz to collaborate with Akamai

Wednesday 27 September 2017
Arcadiz to collaborate with Akamai

Vleuten/Heverlee, September 27th 2017 – Arcadiz, specialist in the area of broadband fibre optics networks in the Benelux, entered into collaboration with Akamai, market leader in Content Delivery Networking and DDoS protection. Together they provide safe and high-availability networks to enterprises and service providers.

Managed Telecom Services
With its Managed Telecom Services Arcadiz integrates operator services into a total solution including connectivity between and to data centres, as well as IP transit. The connectivity is fully redundant and provided with encryption with ultra low latency, thus ensuring performance through synchronous mirroring. The IP transit is as well fully redundant delivered and DDoS protected. To protect against DDoS attacks Arcadiz uses the DDoS protection solution from Akamai.

DDoS attacks increasingly complex
DDoS attacks represent a major risk to the continuity of operational management. These large-scale attacks on servers can cause a lot of damage to businesses. Not only downtime, but also loss of productivity with the related financial repercussions. DDoS attacks are sometimes combined with highly targeted application attacks. The DDoS attack is used as a ‘diversion’, whilst in reality it involves the theft of confidential personal details, for example.

Unique integration with Web Application Firewall
For Its Content Delivery Networking Solution, Akamai uses some 230,000 Edge servers, which can be found throughout the world. These Edge servers can be protected by a Web Application Firewall. The DDoS protection solution together with this Web Application Firewall ensures unique coordinated DDoS mitigation between server and application layer. Complex attacks, which combine a DDoS attack and a targeted attack, can be recognised in this way and thwarted.

Marc Vandeputte, Director Solutions & Technology at Arcadiz: ‘Our customers are primarily found in financial and business services. High-availability connectivity is crucial to them. That is why we sought a partner who continuously provides solutions for new types of cybercrime. With Akamai’s solutions customers not only benefit from optimum protection, but they can also show that they have secured their information in a coordinated and hence most efficient manner.’