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Webinar "Optics Part 2: Back to Basics"

Webinar "Optics Part 2: Back to Basics"
After the success of our previous session, we've received a lot of questions and suggestions for a recap of the various types of optical transceivers and their characteristics. You ask and we provide! We're proud to present our webinar "Optics part 2: Back to Basics"! As always, we will make a list from a neutral perspective as a guide to building your network. We look forward to seeing you again for this webinar on the 24th of June at 2 pm.
When: 24th of June - 2 pm
Language: English
Timing: 60 min.

Note: This session will be a basic introduction to the matter and does not require any prior knowledge. If you prefer, you can view the recording of the previous, more technical in-depth session here.


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When? 24-06-2021