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Data & Cloud Expo - 2020

Data & Cloud Expo - 2020

POSTPONED! Data & Cloud Expo 2020 I NEW DATE 27 & 28 May

On March 18 & 19 2020 the IT trade fair, Data & Cloud Expo will be back in Brussels Expo! In two days you can gain inspiration, broaden your network and get acquainted with the newest innovations and the latest development in the field of IT.


Artificial Future

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we do business and has potential in different industries. Artificial intelligence can mean a lot in the field of customer service. Think of self-learning chatbots or customer service apps. In healthcare, AI can make diagnoses faster and more accurately and in the financial world, accounting and routine tasks are automated. AI may seem like a new holy grail in the IT market because masses of data can be converted into clear patterns.
AI is actually not that new and has been already used for years much more often than we realize. Despite the fact that a mature AI approach is different per industry, more and more companies are busy with their first or next steps in this technology. AI makes it possible to optimize, simplify and accelerate business processes and services and is therefore widely applicable. Because we can automate the decision-making process with AI it will be much easier to respond more quickly to certain developments. For example we can follow up faster trends in the economy or the developments and control of a certain risks. The big pitfall in AI is that we see it as a black box that results in decisions that employees cannot explain. Because AI works on the basis of pre-set algorithms and then proceeds in self-learning, errors can also creep into the programming. As a result, it is not always clear how verification is carried out or how certain decisions are made. The human role in AI therefore remains important with regard to input and output. What is certain is that this technology contains a lot of data, flexible cloud and even stricter security requirements. What does that mean for the organization now in and in the future? Are the current solutions still adequate? Do you need to upgrade, expand or do you maybe need something completely different?
Beside the central theme Quantified World there are also six different subthemes that guide you through the content. The icons give more information about the subjects that suit our exhibitors and our content program.


With and Data & Cloud Expo you are in one visit up to date about all developments in the IT-environment. Access for the event is free. For registration, click here...



When? 9-09-2020 till 10-09-2020

Brussels Expo - Paleis 9