Tuesday 11 October 2022
In person

Standardise, learn & collaborate

Kilometres of glass fibre are currently being laid, so that by 2030 all 8 million households in the Netherlands will be able to enjoy optimum connectivity.

The Netherlands is glazing up at a rapid pace, but when multiple networks are laid in one neighbourhood, this not only causes inconvenience but also jeopardises the safety of the network. So how do we, as a sector, ensure that vitrification is and remains safe and reliable? Because once the network is in place, it also needs to be managed.

Frontrunners and experts from the fibre-optic sector will come together and discuss cooperation, standardisation, technology and the recruitment of new talent in a sector that is constantly changing.

Are you coming too?

This event is for professionals in the fibre-optics industry, for policy officers, municipalities and (regional) initiatives. And you want to be there.